“Communion of Pain”

These lyrics are from the forthcoming Misanthrophile album (or whatever we call collections of similar songs these days).

 She’s done with the day
Closed door and shades
Leave the world outside
The time away fails to pacify
Seclusion of thought tears her up inside
Fear of herself slowly petrifies

Please give me a good boyfriend

Deliver unto me a good boyfriend

No more alone
Yearning to atone
Abject, bound and prone
Burning she moans as blood pours
Of master and lord

Gulp this stuff down

Blood shots


Relieved by his pain
Freed by her own
His grief dominates her whole
Sustains her soul

Jesus suffering again - Copy

Vincent Desjardins. Wikimedia.


Bent down and restrained
Purpose to obey
To exchange disquietude of solitude
For the certitude of servitude

you know what you want - Copy

Clarence Risher. Wikimedia.

Most gracious and loving lord
I kneel down before you and ask that you lead me in my hour of loneliness
That you allow me to know your power and presence
Direct me in the midst of this storm
I need to feel full of the love you have for me
Lest I forget I am never alone because you are always near
I long to feel your holy spirit fill me with its full force and quiet my fear
All must happen according to your will, my almighty, all-seeing father
While I am but your weak and humble servant
I rejoice in my salvation though the blood, tears, and suffering of your only son

Jahsuz - Copy

You needed this… you’re welcome

Fantasized to satisfy
Invasively gratified
Subdued but dignified
Sadistically fortified

girl eats flesh - Copy

SM Sanchez. Wikimedia.



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