Welcome to Misanthrophilic Musings, a blog-ish set of reflections by Joshua J. Reynolds — writer, musician, philosopher, scholar, skeptic (or am I?), and co-founder of prog rock band Misanthrophile.

If you’re looking for social/political criticism that is scathingly satirical, gently cynical, considerably anti-religious, and a tad ranty, then you’ve come to the right place. Some would call it all entertaining, provocative, and profound. Others wouldn’t — but that’s just how things go.

In addition to my general musings, these posts contain lyrics that I penned for Misanthrophile’s 2015 release, “Depths of Distrust.” I have also recently started to add lyrics to our forthcoming album (fall 2018) along with brooding commentary.


By the way, check out my recent book: Ancient philosophy + myth + modern world = funny satire. An epic for skeptics!

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