Welcome to Misanthrophilic Musings, a blog-ish set of reflections by Joshua J. Reynolds, drummer, lyricist, co-songwriter, etc. of progressive rock band Misanthrophile.

A misanthrophile — in case you’re wondering — is a person who enjoys being misanthropic — someone satisfied with his or her distrust of and disgust with most human social institutions, especially politics and religion.

Anyway, the posts here contain the lyrics to the songs on Misanthrophile’s 2015 release, “Depths of Distrust,” followed by some fairly extensive commentary of a social / political / philosophical / skeptical nature.

The posts are largely cynical, anti-religious, and a tad ranty; but certain folks might find them entertaining, provocative and profound. Others won’t — but that’s just how things go.

After a two-year hiatus — during which time I worked on my recently published book (see link below) — I have returned to this blog with the intention adding the lyrics to Misanthrophile’s forthcoming album (early 2018?), complete with various brooding reflections.


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